How to determine your ideal standing desk height

How to determine your ideal standing desk height

You might be wondering how tall your standing desk would need to be, especially if you’ve noticed that some standing desks top out at 44″ (too low for many people over 6 feet tall).

Here’s how to measure yourself to find the right standing desk height for you.

Step 1: get into standing desk posture

First, assume the position:

Make sure your shoulders are relaxed, your back straight, and your arms bent at a right angle (some say 90 degrees, others say 100 degrees – whatever feels best to you).

Step 2: get your measurements

This step is slightly easier if you have a helper, but all you really need is a measuring tape.

  1. Measure from your elbow to the floor – this is your standing desk height.
  2. Next, whatever your height is – that’s your monitor height.
  3. Finally, measure from your hip bones to the floor – this is your standing chair height.

Keep these things in mind:

  • Measure yourself in shoes if you intend to wear shoes while at your standing desk, since they can add to your height
  • If your desk will be on plush carpet, both you and the desk will sink into the carpet over time
  • If you intend to get an anti-fatigue mat, it too will add height (nearly an inch, in some cases)

Step 3: shop with your measurements in mind

Try to avoid any desk or chair that needs to be at the extreme end of its height range to accommodate you. Chances are, once you put it all together you’ll need to raise or lower things slightly.

Deciding between “Too High” and “Too Low”?

Some standing desks and accessories might not be able to get the exact height you need. If this is yours, go with “too low” – in my experience, a lot of people adjust “down” from their starting height.

See our Standing Desk Buyer’s Guide.


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