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How to ask for a standing desk at work

We’ve been there: asking for something at work can be hard, whether it’s for something big like a raise, something small like a new responsibility, or even just permission to use your own vacation time! Asking for a standing desk at work doesn’t need to be that way – here’s our guide to formulating your request…
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How to determine your ideal standing desk height

You might be wondering how tall your standing desk would need to be, especially if you’ve noticed that some standing desks top out at 44″ (too low for many people over 6 feet tall). Here’s how to measure yourself to find the right standing desk height for you. Step 1: get into standing desk posture…
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Don’t just sit there, stand up!

We sit at work. We sit in our cars. We sit at home. And when we’re done sitting, we lay down and go to sleep! But new research is painting an increasingly terrifying picture, correlating hours spent sitting with heart attacks, back pain, obesity, and diabetes. The American Cancer Society found that women who sat…
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