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The best standing desk converters for tiny desks and compact cubicles

If you spend your workdays stuffed into a dollhouse-sized work space, these narrow desk converters are for you. These standing desk converters have small footprints and sit on top of your existing desk (which should please your office manager 🙂 ) and they look good in a professional work environment. Best standing desk converter for small offices:…
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Stand Steady X-ELITE PRO vs. Varidesk Pro Plus 30 adjustable standing desk platforms

An adjustable riser standing desk converts your existing desk into a standing desk. Standing while you work (even periodically) has many proven health benefits – improved cardiovascular health, energy and mental boosts, plus potential reductions to back pain. If you can’t convince your boss to give you a fully-fledged standing desk, or you can’t squeeze one into…
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Varidesk Pro Plus Review

The Varidesk Pro Plus is not exactly a desk: it sits on top of your existing desk to create an adjustable-height surface for your keyboard and monitor. Convert from sitting to standing by squeezing the handles and pulling upwards. The lift is spring-assisted, and the transition is smooth. If a motorized adjustable standing desk isn’t feasible for whatever reason, the…
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