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This site is run by M.J. Grant, a computer programmer and standing desk enthusiast for the better part of the last decade.

Making the switch to a standing desk reduced (and in some cases eliminated) many of the aches and pains I was used to have in my upper back and shoulders. I started this site to share my excitement for standing desks with other standing-desk fans everywhere.

Now I interview friends, colleagues, and family about their standing desk experiences. Most of the chairs and desks I review here are things I, or someone I know, has used in real life.

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  1. Joe says:


    I came across your site when looking in the IKEA SKARSTA, which you review. One of the bad points you mention is the top, and so that got me thinking…

    I really liked the SKARSTA for it’s value, but it seems to me IKEA are keeping it as a base option, by not allowing alternative desk tops (with a more premium finish, like the BEKANT). The mechanism for the SKARSTA is not cheap by any means, and I actually prefer the hand winder.

    As a result, I have custom made my own solid oak top with a friend (and matching monitor raiser out of the same plank of oak), I wondered if you wanted to put it on the page at all? Or even better mention the little site I have thrown together to try and make this more of thing across the IKEA standing desk ranges (BEKANT, IDASEN etc)? (https://sitstanddesktops.co.uk)

    Here is a reddit post about the desk, with some images embedded: https://www.reddit.com/r/StandingDesk/comments/b0ajwb/ikea_skarsta_custom_desk_top/
    Your feedback would be most welcome, I am very interested in any ideas you might have to push this forward somewhat 🙂

    Thanks for your time, and sorry, I couldn’t find a contact form, so thought I would try through this comment form (a bit spammy I know), Joe.

  2. I’d welcome your interest in VersaDesk (www.versadesk.com), whose product line includes standing desk converters, standing desks and several accessories — under-the-desk treadmill, exercise cycle, balance board, floor mat.

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