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M.J. Grant – StandingDeskGeek.com

Author: M.J. Grant

How to ask for a standing desk at work

We’ve been there: asking for something at work can be hard, whether it’s for something big like a raise, something small like a new responsibility, or even just permission to use your own vacation time! Asking for a standing desk at work doesn’t need to be that way – here’s our guide to formulating your request…
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2018 Standing Desk Buyer’s Guide – Desks for all kinds of offices, chairs for all kinds of butts

When standing desks entered the mainstream consciousness a decade or so ago, sitting was quickly derided as “the new smoking”. However, scientific support for these claims is flimsy at best. We know that too much sitting is bad, and we also know that standing desks aren’t a one-shot cure. Too much sitting increases heart failure risk and disability…
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The best standing desks and converters for dual monitor setups

Switching to a standing desk doesn’t mean you have to ditch your dual monitor setup! All you need is a desk or riser big enough to hold two (or more) screens. A surprising number of standing desk solutions, accessories, add-ons, etc., are designed for just one monitor (or just a laptop), so we did some…
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The best active chairs and stools for standing desks (2018)

There’s chairs, and then there’s active chairs. What’s the difference? A chair is any old arrangement of cushions and/or mesh, comfy enough to melt into for several hours at a time. Some standing-height chairs are exactly this: a chair, jacked up a couple feet. Active chairs engage your muscles. You might be sitting, but you’re also…
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IKEA SKARSTA is a solid, adjustable full-size standing desk at a great price

Our IKEA SKARSTA rating Once upon a decade ago, IKEA graced us with the (awesomely named) JERKER, a standing desk that has maintained a cult-like following despite being discontinued before YouTube was even a thing. The JERKER is still a hot commodity, with Facebook fan groups demanding its return and at least one blog maintained by a…
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The best standing desk converters for tiny desks and compact cubicles

If you spend your workdays stuffed into a dollhouse-sized work space, these narrow desk converters are for you. These standing desk converters have small footprints and sit on top of your existing desk (which should please your office manager 🙂 ) and they look good in a professional work environment. Best standing desk converter for small offices:…
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The best standing desks with wheels for every budget

Sometimes you need a desk that can go! Many standing desks, from full-size (60″ wide) to micro come with wheels. In this review, we’re looking specifically at standing desks that come with lockable caster wheels on the bottom. Why get a standing desk with wheels? If you’re choosing a desk for a home office or…
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Stand Steady X-ELITE PRO vs. Varidesk Pro Plus 30 adjustable standing desk platforms

An adjustable riser standing desk converts your existing desk into a standing desk. Standing while you work (even periodically) has many proven health benefits – improved cardiovascular health, energy and mental boosts, plus potential reductions to back pain. If you can’t convince your boss to give you a fully-fledged standing desk, or you can’t squeeze one into…
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The best mats for standing desks, reviewed and ranked (2018)

We standing desk geeks are a bit odd: most people standing up for their job on a retail floor or a factory line wish they had more opportunities to sit, and here we are standing up at our desks by choice! Why invest in an anti-fatigue mat for your standing desk? Well, for one, they…
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The best standing desk office chairs reviewed and ranked (2018)

Standing up is great, but sooner or later, you’re going to want to sit for a bit. Ordinary office chairs won’t do: they can’t raise up high enough. Adjusting your desk’s height on a whim can be tedious, dangerous, or outright impossible. What you need is a standing-height office chair! Here are our reviews for the…
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