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IKEA SKARSTA is a solid, adjustable full-size standing desk at a great price

Our IKEA SKARSTA rating Once upon a decade ago, IKEA graced us with the (awesomely named) JERKER, a standing desk that has maintained a cult-like following despite being discontinued before YouTube was even a thing. The JERKER is still a hot commodity, with Facebook fan groups demanding its return and at least one blog maintained by a…
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Code Fellows’s DIY IKEA Standing Desk with Bed Risers

This simple DIY standing desk was found at the Code Fellows campus in Seattle, WA. It’s an instructor desk, so it’s typically used to hold a laptop, beverage, and little else. It stands comfortably at about waist height (to a 5’8″ person, at least). The white desk top and grey legs are from IKEA’s GALANT desk family, shown here with…
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Don’t just sit there, stand up!

We sit at work. We sit in our cars. We sit at home. And when we’re done sitting, we lay down and go to sleep! But new research is painting an increasingly terrifying picture, correlating hours spent sitting with heart attacks, back pain, obesity, and diabetes. The American Cancer Society found that women who sat…
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