Find Your Standing Desk Height

Considering a standing desk? You might be wondering how tall your desk would need to be, especially if you’ve noticed that some standing desks top out at 44″ (too low for many people over 6 feet tall).

Here’s how to measure yourself to find the right standing desk height for you.

Measuring For Your Standing Desk

find your standing desk heightThis is easier if you’ve got someone to help you, but even if you’re on your own all you need is a measuring tape and the following steps:

  1. Stand comfortably upright, feet about shoulder-width apart
  2. Don’t stretch or slouch – just stand normally
  3. Relax your shoulders
  4. Bend your arms 90 degrees, as if you’re holding an imaginary serving tray in front of you
  5. Measure the distance between the floor and your elbow

Be sure to wear shoes if you intend to wear shoes while at your standing desk, since they can add a bit to your height.

Deciding between “Too High” and “Too Low”?

Some standing desks and accessories might not be able to get the exact height you need. If this is yours, go with “too low” – you can always put your keyboard and mouse on a board to get that extra half-inch or so.

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